Sunday, August 25, 2013

Charles and Keith Private Launch Party of Their New Store at Takashimaya

Was really glad to attend this private launch party to celebrate the opening of Charles and Keith new store at Takashimaya...many thx to a certain Mr. E for making this possible...a v.classy private launch party for invited guests n media only...who's who at this function included bloggers from around the world...frenz rated this as one of the best events of the year thus far =)

Check out the huge crowd waiting outside the Charles n Keith tent yest. Felt like some mini celebrity as I walked past them on the red carpet. Lol

My leechie

Bar counter at the lounge area before the start of the fashion show serving Moet champagne

At the Charles and Keith fashion show

Charles and Keith fashion show

Check out Fann Wong n Zoe Tay seated opposite me...n Fann Wong walked right in front of me in the lounge area just now

The bar counter was open after the fashion show, serving 3 specialty cocktails at the afterparty...i love this Bailey cocktail with the black cherry ;p

Lychee specialty cocktail served with a lychee ice-cream...cooler than cool! B-)

The third specialty cocktail which was served with real flower petals - White Bouquet

Leechie at the fashion show

Another self-portrait after the fashion show

With Roy, Andrina n Warren at the lounge area after the fashion show

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