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Year of Water Snake 2013 by Joey Yap

Joey said the venue was switched to expo this year instead of the usual Raffles convention centre due to the increase in crowd size. There was supposed to b 2500 ppl in the hall today, with many ppl attending for the v. first time o.O last week, a fren who flew to KL for Joey's sold-out seminar made an observation that the crowd size seemed to have shrunk at Lilian Too's seminar while the crowd appeared to have increased at Joey's seminar o.O i know Joey's v.popular in KL...seems like his popularity here is on the rise too...

Interesting quotes from Joey: 
"Working hard doesn't guarantee success. Hope is not a strategy."
"Don't let what u can't do interfere with what u still can do"

Noticed that some FengShui masters seemed to b rather superstitious with the way that they view FengShui. I like how Joey presented FengShui in a modern manner, treating FengShui more of like a lifestyle choice (not unlike btw, i noticed that some of the ppl who practise fengshui n yoga happen to b those v.affluent ones...n i juz happened to pick up these 2 said he's not a fortune teller, but a metaphysics analyst. Lol. Anal-yst sounds much more atas eh? JuZ like stock anal-yst? Lol. The ironic thing was that a local FengShui mistress mentioned the other day abt how she does a lot of research on FengShui but some ideas that she presented to her audience r bordering on the verge of superstition n that also include the way she approached her life based on the examples she quoted from her daily life. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but based on my background, I always thought that research shld have some scientific basis or data. Joey said he was once asked onstage by a scientist abt the scientific evidence of metaphysics n he turned the question at the scientist to ask if there's any scientific evidence of the existence of mind, faith, courage n confidence. Cool n witty reply ya. Lol. Btw, my leechie mum says I'm mad abt FengShui to sit through so many FengShui talks each year. N each FengShui master or mistress will say somthg diff abt the same thing. but she starts to worry when i told her that Joey mentioned that it's a black snake yr...o.O Think I juZ wanna absorb whatever that can help me improve n discard whatever nonsense that won't help me. Well, that include some non-constructive stuff that Frenz n other acquaintances say as well. I juZ wanna distant myself from too many whiny n negative ppl. Lol. 

Btw, since there ain't scientific evidence behind metaphysics n there r so many diff schools of FengShui, then each FengShui master or mistress will have Somthg diff to say abt the same thing. N u can't prove who's wrong or right cos they juZ need to present their hypothesis in a logical manner ya. Come to think abt it, fengshui consultation can b a pretty good biz ya? The ability to present one's hypothesis in a clear n concise manner n one's ability to convince would b v. Impt then...then again, frenz say many fengshui masters have relatively short life-spans cos they reveal heaven's secrets o.O

It was an informative day, packed with plenty of info abt FengShui n bazi for the water snake year. Joey was being his usual humorous self. But he has this annoying habit of pointing his laser pointer at the audience. Perhaps he might not b aware, but nobody likes looking straight into a laser pointer with the laser beam being directed at u =.= The lady sitting next to me commented that Joey doesn't seem to b an easy person to live with. Well, if I rem correctly, I think he has wealth structure so certain behavior ain't so surprising ya. Think he mentioned previously that he's not the most patient person around. btw, i noticed that i get annoyed if I'm being asked to repeat what I had alrdy said for the third time. I think it's not a matter of me speaking too fast but sometimes the other party might need to check on his/her speed of hearing n comprehension ya? N the audience was really polite n everyone addressed Joey as Mr. Yap when asking questions. Good that he ended past the official time n I got 2 books signed before he left for Sally Yeh's concert nearby. btw, someone who doesnt wanna pay for Joey's seminar asked me to tape-record what Joey said so that she could listen to it...i'm sorry, i cant do somthg like this!

Btw, Joey said somthg abt stalkers...saw this quote somewhere "The only true measure of how famous you are is how many stalkers you have" fren was saying that there wouldnt b stalkers stalking him if he were not rich n that could b a good prob to actually came face-to-face with an online stalker the other day! =.=

I have been staring at my own bazi for the past few weeks cos I was born in a repeated month (think it was a leap year or something). I had a shock when i saw diff results for my month pillars when i keyed my date of birth into Joey's bazi profiling software this year. Not sure when his software was updated but now my month pillars n luck cycle look v. Diff when compared to previous results from his software. I'm greatly troubled n puzzled @.@ it's more than intriguing's complicated...I dont wanna end up with "ten-zi" when everyone else has only bazi =.= I want to better understand my potentials n talents but I noticed that diff ppl will say diff stuff abt my bazi which will only add to the confusion @.@ the lady who sat next to me told me that bazi aint unique...even 2 individuals born with the same bazi can still end up with v.diff lives cos of diff looks, parents, environment, etc...n of course, there is this thingy which Joey mentioned ---> she said bazi might only have an accuracy of only 60%? btw, the conman even lied abt his date of birth, with the resulting fako bazi looking really good manz...yin earth with balanced elements n showing all the good luck cycles...definitely not that of a bankrupt conman...silly me actually believed his nonsense n lies...but i shld know better that he doesnt behave like a typical yin earth...bazi cant lie...

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein
"To reach our potential, we must grow. To discover our purpose in life, we need to grow in Self-Awareness. To be a better human being, we need to grow in Character." ~ Joey Yap

Joey said he spent 15min on this hairstyle n Somthg abt his makeup. His makeup looks better than mine o.O Btw, this was the first time that I've seen him in such a bright green shirt. Think I prefer his usual neutral shades. Lol

Rushed over to WP rally at rivervale crescent. The most happening place in Sg tonite. Check out the crowd! so many ppl braved the rain to b here...Even the wp brollies were all sold out!

Someone took a much better pic than free chicken rice yet so many ppl braved the rain to attend this WP rally...the atmosphere was super good!
Don't b struck by the lightning. Use a hammer! Lol
There r many analysis on why WP won...too many ppl analyze n analyze until i believe a v.impt reason is the ability to empathize...most ppl juz wanna someone who can empathize with the probs they face n to help them voice out their it an elitist or ordinary joe...well, not everyone owns 2 cars ya ;p empathy is a rare quality in our apathetic society...sad fact...progress is good for a nation...but do spare a thought for those who get left behind all in the name of progress! o.O

My new crush ---> Jang Dong Gun in "A Gentleman's Dignity"
V.suave n sexy 41 year old who looks great in suits...the first time i see a 41 year old guy with a walk-in's the main reason y i rush home every

Too much shit...some of the bull variety =.=

Adrian was talking abt fb envy then i realized that Some ladies r juZ jealous of me but they don't realize that them being jealous of me won't do anything to improve their lives nor will it affect my quality of life. They like to think that they r always right n that the world revolve around them only n they have such a myopic view of things. Lol. Well, my deepest sympathy. I juZ laugh when these ladies can make such myopic n sweeping statements that I shld b doing an office job cos gals usually juZ do some admin, hr or accts job. Lol. Peter was saying that there is no need to bother abt all these noises cos ppl can b jealous when they know that they can't b compared to me. The irony lies when they like to make such comparisons even when such comparisons will only add misery to their lives n ain't gonna benefit anyone. Sometimes life is abt filtering out all the noises. Lol. I always sincerely welcome anyone who will help to empower my life n to help me become a better me. but for those ppl with less than honorable intentions trying to make use of me, i thank thee for thy kind attention...sometimes ppl who lack intelligence assume that others have to be like them. But I'm sorry ;p

Some gals can b sooooo insecure...juz bcos i'm single doesnt mean i need to fancy ur bf =.=

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