Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sojourn: Malacca June 2012

Went Malacca for a v.short weekend trip...there were so many tourists this time round as compared to nov last yr...even Jonker88 was closed way before dinner time -.-" we had wanton mee at the shop next door...not the most delicious thing around...

had my fav chicken rice balls...took the river cruise at nite...lovely nite scenery peppered with many splashes of the dirty river water on my face =.= we were given a nice suite at Equatorial hotel...i watched Euro Final in the suite...but dozed off during was alrdy the 85th min when i woke up o.O" i went with only 2 pieces of luggages...but returned with 4 pieces of heavy luggages bursting at their seams...bought plenty of family love the yummy peranakan chilli sauce that i got from the Bibik shop at Jonker...the nice owner let me put my stuff at his shop while i go shopping around for more

Will Smith rocks!!!


Rules of life!


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