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I Waited For Him For 3 Years Only For Him To Tell Me He Has Married A White Lady: What Do I Do?

Wanna share this interesting article with u...abt how some guys juz love to lead u on...n leave u hanging onto thin air...when there is no possibility...


"I Waited For Him For 3 Years Only For Him To Tell Me He Has Married A White Lady: What Do I Do?
By Francis Nmeribe

There is nothing to do other than moving on with your life. Situations like this are why we are teaching that people should date many people of the opposite sex without sexual intercourse. It is wrong to hang on waiting for a man or girl who is pursuing another thing in their lives more important than getting married to you. It is not right to wait for anybody to finish school, to return from abroad, to finish learning a trade and whatever excuses for which someone would have to hang on to wait while the other party is busy with something else.

The right approach is to keep all your relationships open and only commit at an appropriate time. Moral relationship experts have been shouting on the pages of social media groups and other media that people should date without sexual intercourse. Many people who are cynical are considering it too idealistic and impossible. Well, they say, you do not tell the dumb that war has started.

If you date many people and date some for keeps - that is to say, while not going steady with a person, you can go back to the person and continue the dating at any opportune time, you eschew premarital sex, you would find someone you can love who is ready and marry the person. It is not right to date one person steadily for more than one year. It is not right to propose marriage or be in courtship or engagement when marriage is more than one year away. In fact, when you talk courtship, it should be limited to about six months for finding out and less than six months for preparing for the type of marriage you want.

The situation where you wait for a guy or girl to go finish something and come back for you for years is like hanging yourself up in a dangling rope of uncertainty. Don't give any man or woman that kind of opportunity over your life. Twala the King, of Ancient Bechuana Land in South Africa taught his soldiers to 'marry the woman who is present'. That counsel is a great way to save you from pain, sorrow and anguish. The heart of man is cunning. It is not possible to discern it. So, learn this wisdom - when you date and court and your partner had important business he or she has to deal with before he would come back and marry you, both of you should suspend the relationship and maturely agree that if you meet on the other side, you can continue but you should both be free to pursue another life."

Interesting Quotes:

"If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you'll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself." ~ Barbara De Angelis

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