Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Grand Opening of Pedder On Scotts and Nicholas Kirkwood 10th Anniversary Party

It was a rare dual celebration occasion: The grand opening of Pedder On Scotts and Nicholas Kirkwood's 10th Anniversary! It was a star-studded event, graced by many celebrities and socialites. The new Pedder On Scotts now occupies the entire 2 level of Scotts Square. On top of the usual luxury ladies shoes section, there are separate sections for men, kids and sports. There's also a section for Melissa shoes as well as a cafe within the boutique. The new boutique is really HUGE! It's so big that I missed out on the photobooth at this event. I feel like a kid in a candy store, exploring the various new sections. The variety is soooooo much bigger now and there's something to cater to everyone's taste.

Performance from the Lion dance troupe and God of Wealth marked the official opening of Pedder On Scotts 

Check out this bling bling clutch that I spotted at the kids' section

 Congratulations Nicholas Kirkwood on a successful 10 years!

Check out this limited edition pac-man inspired shoes designed by Nicholas Kirkwood to celebrate his 10th anniversary

The limited edition Nicholas Kirkwood 10th anniversary range of arcade inspired shoes and accessories

 Even the shoe box is limited edition and is soooo cute!

Check out these other limited edition Nicholas Kirkwood 10th anniversary shoes...they definitely make great collectibles!  

This limited edition gold color bag is also part of the Nicholas Kirkwood 10th anniversary collection

Jade Seah in her Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood showing his latest limited edition designs to the celebrities

Photo moment

Nicholas Kirkwood with stylish Paige Parker who ordered a pair of his limited edition 10th anniversary shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood with the 2 celebrities wearing his designs on their feet

Me taking a selfie with Nicholas Kirkwood designs while eagerly awaiting his arrival at the boutique

I'm super stoked to meet the one and only Nicholas Kirkwood in person!

Congratulations On Pedder and Nicholas Kirkwood and many thanks for a lovely evening at the brand new Pedder On Scotts.

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