Monday, January 12, 2015

Up Close and Personal with SKII Ambassadors Godfrey Gao and Lee Sinje at Robinsons

I have been wanting to meet Godfrey Gao ever since I caught a glimpse of him backstage at Audi Fashion Festival last year. I was too starstruck when I first saw him then. I was frozen to the spot and too starstruck to even take any photos then. It was really a fan girl moment for me then. I see quite a number of celebrites at times but I'm sooooooooo excited and happy to see him in person at this meet-and-greet session, perhaps a little over zealous. But he's so nice and warm. I have never thought that I would share the same stage as Godfrey! Thanks Robinson and SKII for this wonderful opportunity to meet Godfrey. 

I was having a serious bout of conjunctivitis and my eyes were very red and teary and I couldn't wear contact lens and eye makeup. So I looked really horrible that day. But Godfrey's so sweet and noticed me. Perhaps it could have been what I wore that day? I was wearing a navy blue top with a black skirt when I met him...It was only much later that I saw this interview in which he said navy blue can't go with black and he thinks it is a fashion faux pas. Honestly, I don't see why navy blue can't go with black. I have paired navy blue with black on more than numerous occasions n I look more than decent in navy blue and black...not sure if what I wore that day reminded Godfrey of his first girlfriend? Anyway, i'm just a common face in the crowd...

I only found out much later that his dad was the ceo of Michelin Tyres Taiwan and his mum was former Miss Malaysia. Well, I must say he's blessed with really good genes. Anyway, for those interested in astrology and numerology, 22 is a magic number. Godfrey was born on the 22nd. I know at least one other person born on the 22nd and is born into a well-to-do family. Read some comments online about how he looks high maintenance. I would say that he has the good looks and body to carry off luxury labels well. Sometimes, it's the image that one projects while modeling some brands. If it's a luxury brand, it would be a great bonus if one can project the classy air well. And he has done it really well! He's so nice to stop to sign autographs and take photos with fans when he didn't need to. I happened to come across photos of this lady who waited for him at the various venues such as hotel and airport and he's so nice to take numerous photos with this same lady at each venue. Call it excellent PR skills or whatever, at least he makes the effort to please his fans. Personally, I find him much friendlier and warm as compared to some lesser-known celebrities who have their noses stuck in the air. No names mentioned :X

Btw, now that I have met and got up close and personal with Godfrey Gao and his lookalike, Henrique Fukuoka. Henrique may look a little like Godfrey from certain angles and looks, but I think they are very different people, personality wise. Henrique seems very sociable and chatty at social events while Godfrey comes across as rather shy and quiet. But Godfrey exudes brotherly charm and warmth. He speaks with a slanted mouth in the same manner as someone whom I find very brotherly...deja vu moment for me...   

Godfrey with Lee Sinje onstage with Belinda Lee

Took this picture while I was onstage

I have never thought that I would share the same stage as Godfrey one day but here I am!!! And it's usually after the event that I thought of much smarter things that I wished I had said onstage =.=

Going over to shake Godfrey's hands. I was too starstruck and forgot to hug him. 

Me being me, took a few candid selfies with him onstage. He has such captivating eyes that I totally melted when he looked at me in the eyes. I'm so so smitted!

Up close and personal with Godfrey: I didn't apply any filter on these selfie photos. See how good his skin is? o.O

He's so so gorgeous and good-looking in person and his skin is glowing!

He held my phone to take this selfie!! As you can see from this photo, yours truly is vertically challenged. lol. Pardon my bad hair day and teary red eyes as I'm having a serious bout of conjunctivitis!

My mum saw this photo and asked how come there's only my head and what happened to the rest of my body. Well, that's what happens when Godfrey is 195cm tall and yours truly is below tall...

He's so nice to stop to sign autographs and take photos with fans when he didn't need to. But I was too starstruck and forgot to ask him to autograph the bottle of SKII facial treatment essence that I was holding in my hands!

Check out those eyes! I feel that my soul has been captured ;p

I thought Godfrey looks better with a bow-tie instead of a tie

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