Sunday, May 18, 2014

Audi Fashion Festival 2014: Backstage at Ashley Isham Show

Ashley Isham presented his Autumn/Winter 2014 womenswear and menswear capsule collection. I absolutely love his stunning and exquisite designs. He just showed us that men can also look great in bling bling with beautifully embellished blazers!

Audi Fashion Festival Selfie taken with world renowned Singapore designer Ashley Isham at the backstage before the start of his show

Backstage with Henrique Fukuoka who really looks like Godfrey Gao! Love all the glittery embellishments on his blazer

Gorgeous outfits seen all the delicate glitzy embellishments! 

I have always admired Ashley Isham's terrific eye for details. 

Models queuing up to go out onto the runway

Henrique Fukuoka is sooooooo cute and drool-worthy!

Models preparing for the show

My OOTD selfie

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