Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Loewe Xmas Cocktail Event

Brought Carolyn to attend this Loewe event...Pokka dots is the thing for Loewe this season...We certainly enjoyed sipping Veuve Clicquot champagne as we tried out the latest collection of Loewe bags...we were also treated to delectable sweet treats of macaroons and cupcakes and cute cookies...n had lots of fun posing for pics ;p 

Selfies that i took at the Loewe event ;p

Received plenty of compliments for my hair ;p

Carolyn likes this green Loewe bag

With Nat Ho after the Loewe event

Check out all the cutie cupcakes with panda faces ;p

Leechie bought this lovely bracelet =)

I love this quote from Jeff:
"賺錢是一種能力,花錢是一種技術,我能力有限,技術卻很高 。"
which I've translated into: 
"Making money is an ability while spending money is a skill. One's ability may be limited but one is highly skilled" lol
well, obviously my leechie mum would agree with Jeff on this...she's always making noise abt my shopping =.=

i know there r still ppl who read the hair reviews that i did a few years ago...i used to do plenty of hair reviews back then...n i chanced upon what i posted in the forums back then n i totally cant rem who was the stylist that i used to have visited regularly back then...his name didnt even ring a bell in my leechie head now...n yest, i met someone who comes over to my neighborhood to do his hair...i always wonder y do we need so many many hair salons n cafes in my neighborhood...n i couldnt answer him when he asked which salon i visit regularly now...
perhaps i have extremely difficult to manage curls that i have difficulty finding a good hair stylist who can enhance my hair? lol...

My leechie mum is so adorable...she saw a big pic of a pretty model displayed outside a hair salon that i visit n asked if that is my pic...n i was like...u see one pretty gal then u think it's ur leechie eh? =.= if i rem correctly, the last time i did a hair review was more than one year ago? o.O

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