Monday, July 8, 2013

Joey Yap's Bazi & Fengshui Blueprint For Success

Joey was being his usual humorous self...i had a most engaging day at this seminar =) besides bazi, fengshui, face reading n date selection...the new segment that Joey covered this time was on Qi Men Du Jia...which is another school of astrological study...v.intriguing! n I can't help but smile silently to myself each time I think of the candid example he gave on positioning the seat based on qi men du Jia. Lol

Btw, someone conveniently took my book while i was taking pics with Joey =.= but Joey's staff immediately got me a replacement copy to let Joey autograph...this is what i would term good customer service =)

The flash on my silly iphone makes this pic look so weird @.@ btw, notice my deep blue nail polish? i painted my nails deep blue to match the color of this seminar ;p

Think we look better without the flash...

I like Joey's watch o.O

Oops...can u spot a leechie in the crowd? N I don't rem being this enthusiastic when I was in fren Juz asked if I was sleeping cos my eyes look closed in this pic...i guess i must b sleep-walking to achieve this eyes wide shut

From Joey...

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