Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Audi Fashion Festival 2013

I missed the Audi Fashion Festival last year cos I was in Beijing last year...i'm around in Singapore this year so managed to b part of the fashionista crowd and caught some of the shows...the location is different this year...for one of the shows, i happened to sit next to a personal friend of designer Ong Shummugan, who pointed out her parents seated in the front row opposite us...it always touches my leechie heart to see loving old couples...i love all the unique Ong Shummugan designs on showcase, especially those distinctive cheongsams with a modern twist!

At the opening show on Mon

With the winner of Star Creation awards

With one of the judges, Alfie

Nice decor in the tent

On the runway after one of the shows

Exclusive handbag scarf from Kwanpen in my fav pink color

Some goodie bags from the shows n other events

My haul from the recent Kanebo private sales

What i bought for myself from the recent Swarovski sale

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