Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Decoding Your Destiny 2012 By Joey Yap

Got Mandy to accompany me to attend this fengshui n bazi seminar by Joey Yap on Sun...although Joey repeated some of the basic bazi stuff...he covered some new stuff...i always find bazi study v. intriguing...esp when it comes to reading my own bazi chart o.O

Joey covered interesting concepts abt change...nothing changes unless something new comes into ur life or goes out of ur life! U either do something different or change ur environment to bring abt a change! So don't wait n see! U can do something different or have something different come to u! N it's ur bad karma if u dont change it!

N Michael Mike says: "The opportunist would drink it all!" 

Btw, i happened to see that there were ppl searching for gossips on Joey Yap's gf n they landed on this leechie blog...sorry to disappoint u...no such gossip here...lol...

Btw, leechie will be in Malacca this weekend...who's up for watching Euro final there? ;p

Before i go, check out the lovely nite scenery from One Altitude! Juz found out that i could actually see where i stay from One Altitude!
This was my first visit to One Altitude...gotta thx DJ Modium for his kind invitation =)
With Siobhan n Sherman at One Altitude...u muz b wondering why this pic is so blur...well, the photographer was Terence who happened to walk past n he explained the blur shot by saying that all nite shots r all like this! =.="

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