Friday, May 11, 2012

Philosophy's "Believe In Miracles" Workshop

Attend Philosophy's "Believe in Miracles" skincare workshop recently...this workshop is part of their re-launch campaign here...i used their products previously before they pulled out of sg...on first look, the many new products seemed pretty promising as compared to what was avail here previously...i was given the cleanser for answering a question...this cleanser is one of their best-sellers n currently out-of-stock at the Sephora counter...i pop by subsequently to pick up a skincare...the ingredients look promising n it has won Allure's award =)

Goodie bag from Philosophy

Overheard a bf telling a gf this while the gf was wondering what size of bikini top to buy:"if u r shy, y don't u just wear a proper swimsuit?" typical protective bf who's afraid of other guys looking at his gf in a bikini eh? ;p

I see baggage sales almost everywhere! Where can I dump my excess baggage? Don't take me literally though ;p

Wanna wish all the mothers here a happy mothers' day! N for the rest here, y not aim to make everyday happy mothers' day for ur mum instead of only today?

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