Monday, April 9, 2012

Madness at FJ Benjamin Sale!!!

This was the first time that i've been to a FJ Benjamin sale here...learnt that the last one was some 2 years back? o.O me n my mum first went on the 3rd day of the sale, which was also the Good Friday hol...we went there, hoping to catch some good la Senza bargains...but la Senza wasnt featured in this sale this time round...but there were plenty of other good buys! we went back again on the last day of the sale when there were further markdowns, esp the clothes n shoes which ran out of sizes...

Ppl there were grabbing Raoul bags as if they were free! Everytime the staff brought in boxes of bags to replenish...ppl were rushing n snatching n fighting for these bags!!! Madness manz!!! These r the Raoul bags that we managed to haul back on the last day of the sale...8 bags in total...all genunine leather bags...v.good wonder ppl were so crazily grabbing the, fb frenz commented that the white one is v.pretty

Here's another pic of other Raoul stuff that I bot from the FJ Benjamin sale...bought some Raoul shirts for my leechie dad too...met a guy who was willing to share the bundled deal with me n explained to me the difference between straight, tapered n slim cuts for the gents shirt...he even modelled the shirts for

Pretty Raoul shoes...i love the pink shoe box

Pretty Guess shoes for leechie

I insisted on buying this pretty pair of Guess heels although my leechie mum says i cant walk in them =.=

Pretty Guess denim shoes when worn on my feet

Bought this pair of Guess boots although the chances of me wearing them in singapore r extremely skinny =.=

Purple Guess shoes for my leechie mum

Guess Watches: Purple for my leechie mum n black for leechie

Stay tuned for more pics ;p

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