Sunday, December 19, 2010

***Kevin Lao Shi Mesmerizing Suntec Crowd***

Gosh...leechie was really excited when i got to know Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist Kevin lao shi was coming to SG...was wondering where he was going...until i figured out tt he was scheduled to speak at the Suntec BookFest =)

Dear kevin lao shi actually blew me a kiss from the stage when i can rem what he said on his previous trip here abt how our eyelashes r the curtains to the windows of our soul...leechie is v.muchie ;p

Leechie bot dear kevin lao shi his fav pandan cake =) he actually thot tt leechie baked the cake for him...but no...leechie cant cook x.X" a fb fren saw the pic of kevin lao shi n leechie posing with the pandan cake n commented tt he looks like my made leechie damn happy with tt comment...nobody would mind have such a good-looking bf...juz like how nobody would mind having a rich bf ;p gotta thx Emily ( for helping me take the nice pics =) i also met kevin lao shi's lovely PR lady n chatted abit =)

I have kevin lao shi's makeup books from his previous trip i bot the English version of these makeup books...was really glad tt the english version was produced cos leechie cant read too muchie chinese o.O" got his autograph too =) Picked up several useful makeup tips from dear kevin lao shi's demo session...he has a great sense of humor ;p my leechie mum heard me raving abt dear kevin lao shi n she wanted to go see him too...she wanna see for herself how special kevin lao shi is...but she was busy with stuff n couldnt go...n it was really a pity tt i could only stay for his Sat talk cos leechie had to attend to other stuff on sun nite...cos the sun topic was on how to make the face appear smaller with the clever use of makeup o.O

Kevin lao shi showing the latest english version of his makeup books =)

I really like what dear kevin lao shi wore for the 2nd sessions here...he wore a sweet pink top on cutie ;p leechie always thinks think cute guys look cuter in pink...keke ;p he matched it with a nice Hermes white belt...saw tt he has the same belt in black as leechie is starting to imagine him owning the same belt in all the avail colors? lol ;p leechie likes this Hermes belt too...rem the cutie hair stylist from Kim Robinson wearing the same black hermes belt too o.O i like the burberrys top tt kevin lao shi wore on sun...he has such a great sense of style tt the local guys here can really learn from...hopefully, he'll come out with a book to give some of the clueless guys here some valuable tips on how to dress more stylishly! o.O

Btw, leechie tried out kevin lao shi's Vin Vin cleanser yest n i like it alot =) n i went to order alot of other Vin Vin stuff cos there is end of year promo ;p

Haiz...leechie caught a cold n is having sore throat n runny nose n dear kevin lao shi is sick too =.=" i'm feeling v.sick n feverish now...think i took too muchie black pepper n i'm having bad sore throat now...crapz -.-" i cant wake up these days...falling into deep sleep...feel tt i'm wasting my leave on sleeping =.="

Demo from dear Kevin lao shi =)


Rachel said...

You may try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.

The One N Only Leechie said...

hihi Rachel...

thx =) i'm taking this pei pa koa on some days...but guess what? my cough was okie after i took red wine last wkend...i'm wine usually works better than any cough mixture for me! but my dear leechie mum bought me bubble tea from a new shop near our place yest (tt shop was featured in the papers) n i started coughing again!crapz >.<