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Festival of Wheels: Mediacorp Rotax Max

MediaCorp OOH Media is the organizer of the inaugural Festival of Wheels, which took place over the haze-free weekend from 9 to 11 October, at the Singapore Sports Hub. This inaugural event comprised of two main segments of differing nature: MediaCorp Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015, which is a motor-sport league and the first kart-racing competition on the public streets of Singapore, as well as, Urban Wheels Challenge, which is an urban gravity cycling competition. Admission to Festival of Wheels is free for all. Some Mediacorp celebrities such as Paige Chua and Jamie Yeo also made their appearances at Festival of Wheels over the weekend too.

Co-organized by MediaCorp’s OOH Media and Speed-Max Racing, MediaCorp’s Rotax Max Singapore Open is Singapore’s first competitive race karting league which is a rare opportunity for competitive racing on the streets with the backdrop of our vibrant Singapore city life like the recent Formula 1 night race. The Rotax MAX Challenge™ is an international motor sport race formula for race karts and is the fastest growing kart racing series in the world.  Some famous current Formula 1 drivers such as Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen started out with Rotax engines. So Rotax Max is popular amongst young racers and is seen as an ideal first step into a motor sports career and for them to gain international racing experience in the junior class. Since the same chassis, tyres and sealed Rotax engines are used in the competition, the challenge is very much dependent on one's driving ability and racing skills. Some of the racers who took part in Mediacorp Rotax Max Kart Racing competition were as young as 10 years old. It was fun watching the young drivers going round the circuits at such high speeds. Wondering if I was watching the next Jenson Button in action? o.O

An Auto-Gymkhana drifting clinic and competition also took place concurrently in close proximity at Singapore Sports Hub. This is an exhilarating driving challenge that required drivers to drift through the courses and navigate obstacles within the shortest time possible. Due to its complexity, the racers have to memorise the courses in a bid to successfully finish the course in a record-breaking timing. Well, watching the thrilling drifting action live kind of reminded me of those scenes in Tokyo Drift.

The Urban Wheels Challenge, organised by MediaCorp’s OOH Media, is a cycling competition with a challenging course designed to mimic the outdoor terrain but in an urbanized setting. With the target audience of the cycling community at large, this race provides a suitable venue for both experienced gravity riders to compete against their peers, as well as for the first-timers to experience the thrills and adrenaline rush of an urban gravity race. The Urban Wheels Challenge features a challenging and long urban gravity race course with the most number of obstacles at a world-class venue, Singapore Sports Hub. There are a number of other fringe activities such as a best trick side event, entertaining stage segments, best dressed competition, celebrity meet and greet sessions, a mini pump track clinic and the Urban Wheels Village featuring many attractive offers and product demos to cater to all cycling enthusiasts. Although I can't cycle to save my life, it was fun watching the contestants take on the obstacles with style. I don't get exposure to such cycling competitions prior to this Urban Wheels Challenge so it was definitely a new experience and a weekend well spent.

Henry Goh, Head MediaCorp OOH Media:
“The objective for us to organize this inaugural Festival of Wheels is to bring the public, cycling and the motor sports communities closer, whilst giving advertisers a different platform to engage their audience. We hope that through this event, we can grow the sporting ecosystem and contribute towards the vibrancy of the sporting fraternity."

Leslie Chang, President Singapore Motor Sports Association:
"We are very pleased to support MediaCorp’s Rotax Max Singapore Open as a platform to promote motor-sporting in Singapore and we are excited to be able to raise public awareness of Auto Gymkhana."

James Leong, Director Rotax Max-Asia Main Distributor:
"We are delighted to see our karts in action at MediaCorp’s Rotax Max Singapore Open, and we believe that this race will be one of the best experiences for the racers in a highly urbanized setting and on a public road akin to the F1 night race."

Quotes from some Festival of Wheels participants that I have personally interviewed:

"My teeth are clenched and my heart is racing when I see the cars twist and turn around the bends" ~ Jedidiah Siah, Physiotherapist

"It's a good event. My son has never seen a gokart before so I'm bringing him here to see the kart racing" ~ Taufik, Operations Technician

"It's an all-in-one event with race karting, drifting and biking. A good place to spend my Sunday" ~ Martin, works in Construction industry

Thanks Mediacorp OOH Media for a fun-filled weekend here at Festival of Wheels and for giving me the opportunity to cover this exciting inaugural event!

Live kart racing action at Mediacorp Rotax Max Open 2015: Only Rotax Max kart engines without modification were used so one's success in this competition is largely dependent on one's racing skills and techniques as well as one's experience and familiarity with the setup of Rotax Max engine. 

The adrenaline rush of watching live kart racing!

Some of the racers who took part in Mediacorp Rotax Max Kart Racing competition were as young as 10 years old. Seen here is one of the young racers standing alongside his race kart.

12 year old Romain LeRoux started karting when he was only 10 years old and had participated in other Rotax competitions in Malaysia and Indonesia. He also has a younger 10 year old brother who sometimes races with him.

Behind the scenes: Servicing and repair of the race karts which took place at the paddock area of Mediacorp Rotax Max.

The pulsating kart racing action at Mediacorp Rotax Max Open 2015

The drifting was actually faster than what I could capture with my iPhone camera. You should experience it live yourself! And I could literally smell the rubber from the tyres!

Live drifting action here at Auto Gymkhana, whereby the drivers' maneuvering skills were put to the test by the complicated obstacles course 

Thrilling stunts performed by the bikers at Urban Wheels Challenge

Exciting Urban Wheels Challenge at Kallang Wave Mall over the weekend

Radio Personalities from Gold 90.5: Jamie Yeo, Mike Kasem, Warna Majid and Ria making their appearances at Urban Wheels Challenge. Check out their intense facial expressions while learning how to pump a bike tyre. (Image credited to Mediacorp Ooh Media)

Pretty models at the Monster energy drink booth

Official Lubricant for Festival of Wheels, Bardahl, extending some promotions and games at their booth

Pretty models at the Harley Davidson booth

Family fun at the carnival area where everyone could play games at no cost =)

Check out all the smiling faces at the carnival, having fun at Uncle Ringo game booths

At the prize giving ceremony...congratulations to all the winners! (Image credited to Tracy Wong)

Special thanks to our sponsors: specifically thank you V10 Plus for the sunblock which I look forward to trying and Formasian Label, Aramsa Spa, Hadara Aesthetics Boutique and Ministry of Memories for the vouchers.

Reporting to you live from Singapore Sports Hub over the weekend. Do follow my instagram account @tonoleechie for more updates =)

Selfie moment: What I wore on Sat to Mediacorp Rotax Max...well, guess I don't look out of place next to the checkers flag ;p

Selfie with our banner at the photo booth. I'm part of the msbabelovebebe team which is the official blogger for this event.

Senior Manhunt winner Yew Meng made an appearance at Mediacorp Rotax Max

Perks of what I do: Flanked by 2 hunks at Mediacorp Rotax Max: Senior Manhunt 2014 winner Yew Meng on the left and potential future Manhunt contestant Jedidiah on the right

Thanks the support of Singapore Sports Hub and Sport Singapore as well as the following sponsors and partners of MediaCorp Festival Of Wheels:

MediaCorp Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015
Speedmax Motorsports Pte Ltd: Race Coordinator
KRS Motorsports Sdn Bhd: Official Engine – Rotax Max
FJ Benjamin (Singapore) Pte Ltd: Official Timepiece – Bell & Ross
Streamcast Asia Pte Ltd: Official Action Camera - GoPro
Pacific Beverages Pte Ltd: Official Energy Drink - Monster
                                            Official Water – Icelandic Glacial Water
Binter & Co. Pte Ltd: Official Gymkhana Tires - Dunlop
Bardahl Asia Pacific Pte Ltd: Official Lubricant - Bardahl
Aetos Security Management: Official Security Partner
GoGreen Holdings Pte Ltd: Official Segway Personal Transporter
Jwalking Studio: Official Photography Partner
MsBabelovebebe: Official Blogger
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd: Sponsor
Gao Towing Services: Official Towing Services
MeGreen Resources: Supporting Partner
Traveller Wi-Fi Pte Ltd: Technology Partner

Urban Wheels Challenge
Singapore Cycling Federation: National Sports Association
Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd: Official Bike Components
Xtreme DSP Global Pte Ltd: Official Sports Communication
Bikezilla: Official Bike Media
Rodalink (S) Pte Ltd: Cycling Partner
Distro.X Asia: Partner
The Secret Society Inc: Partner
P.O.D.M: Partner
PK Auto Parts Pte Ltd: Partner
Crankworkz Pte Ltd: Partner
Wize Electronics Pte Ltd: Partner
Redbull (Singapore) Pte Ltd: Partner
Shriro Singapore Pte Ltd: Partner
1 Oak Event Services: Competition Management Partner

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